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  • circuit breakers and its type

    What’the circuit breaker?Circuit breaker refers to a switching device that can close, carry and break current under normal circuit conditions and can close, carry and break current under abnormal cir···
  • How to choose the EV charger for home?

    How to choose the EV charger for home? “Only about 17 000 electric cars were on the world’s roads in 2010. By 2019, that number had swelled to 7.2 million,47% of which were in The People’s Republic···
  • How does MPCB works?

    MPCB = Motor Protection circuit breaker.MPCB is generally used as Motor circuit breaker for low rating motors. it is a substitute of Thermal overload relay but with advance features.These are Therm o-···
  • What is Over Voltage Protection?

    What is Over Voltage Protection?Over voltage protection is a power supply feature which shuts down the supply, or clamps the output, when the voltage exceeds a preset level.Most power supplies use an ···
  • AC Contactor Operating Principle

    Unlike general-purpose relays, contactors are designed to be directly connected to high-current load devices. Relays tend to be of lower capacity and are usually designed for both normally closed and ···
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