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130th Canton fair Newletter


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Innovating green new energy, firmly supporting the dual-carbon goal

For more than half a century, the Canton Fair has always been the largest trade show in the Asia-Pacific region and a very important trade platform for countries along the Belt and Road. Shanghai Ebasee Electric has also benefited from its participation in the exhibition for more than 10 years. The cooperation intentions in Africa, Europe and other regions have developed steadily through the efficient platform of the Canton Fair. It is worth mentioning that at the opening ceremony of the Canton Fair this year, Premier Li Keqiang came to the scene and mentioned “covering cross-border e-commerce and strengthening international cooperation in trade digitization”. Bess Electric did its part and opened B2B and O2O platforms to create online and offline integration. , Innovative factory visualization, product production line visualization, and firm business 24-hour online service tradition, truly reflect our core service concept of Ebasee Electric: everything is customer-centric!

National leader Xi Jinping also delivered an important speech at the 130th Canton Fair: The Canton Fair should serve to build a new development pattern, innovate mechanisms, enrich business formats, expand functions, and strive to become China’s all-round opening to the outside world, promoting high-quality development of international trade, and connecting domestic and international partners. An important platform for circulation; Ebasee Electric is committed to “doing before, talking after”. Under the epidemic situation, we continue to innovate business negotiation models and conduct in-depth communication with customers through efficient modes such as online live broadcasts and video conferences to promote cooperation; Research and develop green new energy products-DC series products, EV Chargers, etc. help the country's "dual carbon" goal! Actively give play to the sense of corporate responsibility, mobilize the core self-consciousness of the enterprise, communicate with the world, cooperate together, and make progress together. It also fully demonstrates to the world our "image of China" that we take the initiative to take responsibility for green development, and conveys a number of business cards called "Consultation, Co-construction, and Sharing" to the domestic and international circulation.