1. Ambient temperature:-5~+40℃, the average value cannot exceed to +35℃ within 24h

    2. Altitude:≤2,000m

    3. Relative humidity:≤95%

    4. Pollution level:II.

    5. Installation location:Mount on the place where has no obvious vibration or impact


Model type EATS1 series automatic transfer switch is a new generation of the latest development products, ATS generally used to monitor the power supply circuits. When the power failure, ATS will changeover to backup power automatically, so that complete conversion power supply system.

At present, in particular suited for the important electricity power places where disallow to failure, in order to meet the needs of the scene, automatic switch has self-input and self-recover, self-input without self-recover, utility to utility, utility- generators work with a variety of functions, the product applied in 240V, AC 50Hz, rated current from 10A to 1250A(CB class) autocratically switch products.


Technical Parameter

Model type


Rated working voltage

220V AC 50Hz

Changeover time delay


Recovery delay

0.5s~90s continuous resettable

Under voltage changeover value

145V~210V continuous resettable

Overvoltage changeover value

230V~300V continuous resettable

Changeover time

Less than 4s


CB type


3 pole, 4 pole





Alternative work by automatic and manual operation, changeover type is auto switch and auto recovery

Full function of overload and short circuit protection

Monitoring the two sources, whether is loss phase, under voltage, loss voltage and such abnormal conditions, the indication show whether in located normal voltage

There is a team with dry output contact for standby generators for start up and shut down 

conversion type is self-input and self-recover


Ordering Note: 

Protection Type

Rated Current

No. of Poles

Frame Type

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