EBS1BP Plug-in Circuit Breaker

    Ambient temperature:-40~+80℃

    Degree of protection:IP20

    Status indicator: Green/red

    Altitude:≤2000 m

    Relative humidity:≤95%


EBS1BP series miniature circuit breaker is mainly used for overload and shortcircuit protection. Mainly application for commercial and industrial lighting and distribution. With features of good shape, lightweight, reliable  performance  and  high  breaking  capacity. Shell and parts are composed of fire-resisted and shake-proof plastics, with  long  working  life.  This  product  is available in overload and shortcircuit protection of 50/60Hz AC  circuit,  rated  voltage(single  pole)  of  240V,  (two  and  three poles) of 415V. Also used for abnormal circuit exchange and normal lighting. This product complies with IEC60898-1.

Technical Parameter

Trip Stype: Non-Interchangeable

Frame Type: Q-Line

Amperage: 6A,10A,15A,20A,25A,30A,40A,50A,60A,70A,80A,100A

System Voltage: 110/220(1P),240/415(2P),415(3P)

Poles: 1P,2P,3P

Trip Function: LI

Conyinuous Current Rated: Standard

120 Vac Interrupting Rating: 10 KAIC

120/240 Vac Interrupting Rating: 10 KAIC

Suitable for Reverse Feed: Yes

Product line: Q-line(Plug-in)

Long Time: Fixed

Instantaneous: Fixed

Protective Relays: No

Current Materig: No

Special Markings:HACR

GSA Compliance: Yes

Electrical life(times):4000

Mechnical life(times):16000

Order Note

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